Sunday, September 27, 2015

Douglas Darden: Two Resumes

For the last year I have been intensively researching the late Douglas Darden, that visionary architectural designer, architecture instructor, and author of the book Condemned Building. I have written on Darden and his work before in several previous blog postings. As I continue to dig deeper into his work and his life I find that a great deal of published information on him is speculative, poorly founded, or entirely false—and I, too, have been guilty of perpetuating faulty information. I would like to put together some factual information on this brilliant and visionary man to "set the record straight." This blog is probably a poor platform to undertake such a task, but it is nonetheless a starting point.

To begin "setting the record straight" I would like to present two of Darden's curricula vitae: the first one, typed on a typewriter, dates to 1987-1988; the second was written on a computer and dates to 1995. Both of these were given to me by Peter Schneider, Professor Emeritus at University of Colorado at Denver, former professor of mine at UCD, and friend and colleague of Darden's. The pages of these curricula vitae are posted with permission from Darden's widow, Allison.

I have supplied notes to some of the information in these curricula vitae, and links to online versions (if available) of his publications at the bottom.

Darden's 1987-1988 CV:

Darden's 1995 CV:

1995 CV:
Page 2:
- "Confidences of Spec-writer," OZ, Volume 14 (1992), pg. 53-62.
- "Three Letters to an Architect Dissolving," Places: M.I.T. Journal of Architecture, Volume 4, Number 2 (July 1987), pg. 16-20.
- "Architecture in the Age of Spatial Dissolution," OZ, Volume 9 (June 1987), pg. 20-23.

Page 3:
- "The Laughing Girls from Troy, New York," Chora, Volume 2 (1995) was actually never published—I assume there was some complications in finalizing publication for Laughing Girls due to Darden's illness.
- "Melvilla: An Architect's Reading of Moby-Dick," A+U (Japan) [May 1993, #272, 93:05], pg. 54-71.

Page 4:
- "Building Against the Grain," A+U (Japan) [February 1991, #245, 91:02], pg. 40-56.

Thanks to Peter Schneider for supplying me with these, and to Allison Darden for permission to post these.

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